Art in Sonoma County: Current Gallery and Museum Exhibitions in August 2019

Sonoma County has been a magnet for artists and art connoisseurs for many decades, and continues to attract sophisticated artists and art collectors, along with casual art lovers. Combined with the sheer natural beauty, and general creative ambience, the area readily entices visitors, as well as long-time residents, to explore the many and varied fine art offerings. With the addition of great food, drink, and outdoor activities, it’s easy to spend a day, a week, or a lifetime traversing through the vineyards, forests, and rolling hills, along the scenic coast, and through the welcoming towns of Sonoma County.

The following is a partial list of local art exhibitions. Many eateries, wineries, and civic buildings also present changing art shows in their spaces.

*** Designates an Opening Reception.

Arts Guild of Sonoma
Through September 30, New Member Exhibit
*** Opening Reception Saturday, August 3, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Seven new guild members and current Guild Artists are showing their work in a variety of media.
140 East Napa Street, Sonoma

By Peter Holbrook

Calabi Gallery
August 10 through October 12, It’s All Good!
*** Opening Reception Saturday, August 10 from 4 to 8 p.m.
A group show of gallery artists working in a variety of styles and media. Artists include Douglas Ballou, Warren Bellows, Holly Downing, Peter Holbrook, Joyce Hulbert, Carolyn Lord, Carol Peek, Michael Ramos, Alejandro Salazar, and Bambi Waterman.
456 Tenth St., Santa Rosa

Charles M. Schulz Museum
Through November 18, Peanuts Goes to Camp
Nearly every summer, the Peanuts Gang loads up on buses and heads off to summer camp—some more willingly than others. Featuring over seventy original comic strips, sketches, and vintage Peanuts products, the exhibition invites visitors to relive nights serenaded by crickets and days full of sun-drenched memories with Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts Gang.

Through March 8, 2020, Peace, Love, and Woodstock
In honor of the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock festival this summer, the Museum and Research Center presents a yearlong exhibition celebrating the smallest Peanuts character, Woodstock, named for the generation-defining music event. Check the website for related Public Programs.
2301 Hardies Lane, Santa Rosa

Crossing Borders

Chroma Gallery / Santa Rosa Arts Center
August 1 through September 27, Crossing Borders
*** Opening Reception Friday, August 2 from 5 to 8 p.m.
Art on Immigration and Dissolving Boundaries.
SOFA Arts District
312 South A Street, Santa Rosa





Cloverdale Arts Alliance Gallery
Through September 20, Niche
Guest artists are Peter and Robin Crompton, and RJB. Featured resident artist is Jane Gardner. Resident artists are Ralph Broussard, Laura Paine Carr, Pamela Heck, Terry Holleman, Paul Maurer, and Hanya Popova Parker.
204 N. Cloverdale Boulevard, Cloverdale

Corricks Art Trails Gallery/ My Daughter the Framer
August 2 through September 2, Abstract
*** Opening Friday August 2, from 5 to 7 p.m.
Twelve Art Trails artists showing Abstract work in a variety of media.
637 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa


By Piper Snow

Gallery 300
Current show, Piper Snow
Snow creates clay figures that are celebratory and are the American people as she sees them—playful, alienated, dressed in imagination, souls in search of a funky groove.
6780 McKinley St., Suite 130, The Barlow


Graton Gallery
August 6 through September 1, Anything Goes and Cigar Box Show
*** Artist Reception Saturday, August 10, 2 to 5 p.m.
9048 Graton Road, Graton



By Kathleen Yorba

Hammerfriar Gallery
August 24 through October 27, Kathleen Yorba; Ruminations
*** Opening Reception Saturday, August 24, from 6 to 8:30 p.m.
Kathleen Yorba’s abstract work invites the viewer to engage in notions of memory and identity, both those learned and those intuitively known. How do bees find their way back to the nest? What marks do we leave as we move on ancestral paths connecting the tangible and intangible? Using her chosen medium of cold-wax and oil paint, Yorba maps her own exploration of the known/unknown, seen and unseen. The show culminates in a one-day, hands-on workshop on the medium of cold-wax, October 27. It is open to the seasoned artist and novice alike. Pre-registration required; contact the Gallery for more information.
132 Mill Street, Ste.101, Healdsburg

Healdsburg Center for the Arts
Through August 25, Clay & Glass
Blurring the lines between craft and fine art, this juried exhibit brings focus to the endless possibilities of clay and glass as creative media. Artists combine ancient techniques and high tech knowledge.
130 Plaza Street, Healdsburg


By Jenny-Lynn Hall

IceHouse Gallery
Through August 10, As Above, So Below
Jenny-Lynn Hall uses mixed plaster techniques to explore the dualism between the vastness of sky and earth. How is the universal expressed on Earth? In Zen all life, including the universal, is considered with objectivity and parity. This series also explores the tension of not knowing exactly what we are looking at. At this time when so many facts and images are manipulated this is particularly relevant.
405 East D St, Petaluma



Laguna Foundation, Heron Hall
Through August 27, Into The Fold
Oil and Acrylic Paintings by Angela Zocco Sturr.
900 Sanford Road, Santa Rosa

Museum of Sonoma County
Through August 11, Kinetics: Art in Motion
Kinetic Art developed as an international movement in the early 20th Century by artists seeking ways to use real space, time, and movement, explore new technologies, and make social commentary. Kinetics: Art in Motion, curated by Debra Lehane and Satri Pencak, presents contemporary artists that continue these investigations, and whose works reflect a variety of styles and modes of movement. Featuring works by Catherine Daley, Laurent Davidson, Chris Eckert, Mark Galt, Nemo Gould, Ned Kahn, Jerome Kirk, Thérèse Lahaie, Sean Paul Lorentz, Mark Malmberg, Martin Munson, Moto Ohtake, Bruce Shapiro, and Camille Utterback.

Maria de Los Angeles

August 25 through November 3, Tierra de Rosas and A Way of Life
*** Opening Reception Saturday, August 24, from 4 to 6 p.m.
Tierra de Rosas is a solo exhibition of the work by Maria de Los Angeles, a Mexican-born artist and immigration activist who was raised in Santa Rosa and is now based in New York. De Los Angeles’ multidisciplinary work addresses issues of migration, displacement, identity, and otherness through her drawing, painting, printmaking, and fashion design.

Showing concurrently is A Way of Life, a group show co-curated by de Los Angeles and Executive Director, Jeff Nathanson. This exhibition celebrates the personal and artistic connections that provided support, influence, and inspiration for de Los Angeles. The artists include Sharon Arnold, Alan Azhderian, Ryan Bonilla, Maria Cañas, Jack Leissring, Scott Malbaurn, Vincent Ramos, Alejandro Salazar, Catherine Sieck, and Jim Spitzer.

Through September 15, Grass Roots: Cannabis from Prohibition to Prescription
Explore the long history of cannabis, is it the devil’s weed, a remarkable remedy, or just something to be enjoyed with friends like a glass of wine? Cannabis use generates strong, often divided opinions, but its story is undeniably significant. While cannabis has been part of human history for thousands of years, in the last 125 years it has gone from legal to illegal in California and back again.
425 Seventh Street, Santa Rosa

Occidental Center for the Arts
August 2 through September 1, Annual Members Art Exhibit
*** Artists reception Saturday, August 3 from 3 to 6 p.m.
3850 Doris Murphy Court, Occidental

By Wosene Worke Kosrof

Paul Mahder Gallery
Through August 25, My Favorite Things
New and Select Paintings by Wosene Worke Kosrof. Formally trained at the Addis Ababa School of Fine Arts, Kosrof completed a BFA with distinction in 1972. Then, as a Ford Foundation Talent Scholar, he was awarded an MFA in 1980 from Howard University in Washington, DC.
222 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg


Petaluma Arts Center
Through August 31, Walls
Walls have their own meanings, metaphorical or actual, and as a presence now and in human history, the wall exists as barrier, as support, as well as perimeter of our inhabited space. National Exhibition Juried by Chester Arnold.
230 Lakeville Street, Petaluma


By Carol Brighton

Ren Brown Collection Gallery
Through September 8, Take A Step
This exhibition features Berkeley artist Carol Brighton. Carol has lived and traveled extensively throughout China and elsewhere in Asia. She is intrigued by the passage of time, memory, and the spiritual and physical journeys we each undertake in life, hence the title Take a Step. The main focus of her work is intaglio, monoprints, and handmade paper. Housed in a refurbished building with shoji and a small, serene Japanese garden, the gallery shows contemporary art by Japanese and regional Northern California artists.
1781 Coast Highway One, Bodega Bay

By Mike Riley

Riverfront Art Gallery
Through September 8, Summer Shows
Places & Things My Camera Has Seen, Photographs by Michael Riley; and People Met, Places Seen, Paintings by Henry White.
132 Petaluma Boulevard North, Petaluma

Santa Rosa Junior College, Robert F. Agrella Art Gallery
1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa


Sebastopol Center for the Arts
August 2 through September 8, Fiber Arts IX
*** Opening Reception Friday, August 2, from 6 to 8 p.m.
This prestigious International Juried Fiber Art exhibition is held every two years, and showcases the use of innovative and traditional fiber techniques and contemporary concepts in traditional and unusual materials. Jurors, Janet De Boer, Jori Johnson, and Gerhardt Knodel.
282 High Street, Sebastopol

By Jeremy Joan Hewes

Sebastopol Gallery
August through September, Wanderlust
*** Artist reception Saturday, August 24, from 4 to 6 p.m.
Showing mixed-media and photography by Jeremy Joan Hewes, and includes photography, maps, nautical charts, and abstract paintings to depict parts the world she has seen as well as some of the places that inhabit her imagination. Painter James Reynolds shows his work in the North Window in August.
150 N. Main St, Sebastopol

Sebastopol Library Forum Room
August 13 through September 13, Doris Rogers and Linda Weber
*** A conversation with the artists on August 19, from 5:30 to 7 p.m.
Both artists offer a wide variety of artistic experience and expression which includes mosaic, monotype, watercolor, collage and stained glass, inspired by flowers, plants, found items, and bits of nature.
7140 Bodega Avenue, Sebastopol

By Christie Marks

SOFA Santa Rosa Arts District
August 3, 4, 10, and 11, SOFA ArtWalk and Salon des Refusés
*** Opening Party Friday, August 2, from 5 to 8 p.m.
SOFA ArtWalk—19 artists of SOFA, Santa Rosa Arts District, open their doors for the first two weekends of August, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, August 3, 4, 10, 11. Salon des Refusés—Over 30 Sonoma County artists showcase rejected, refused, and radical work; on view in Mario Uribe’s Seishin Studio, which is open at the same time as the Artwalk studios.
Art Alley behind 312 South A Street, Santa Rosa


Sonoma State University, University Art Gallery
1801 East Cotati Avenue, Rohnert Park

By Nick Brandt

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art
Through September 8, Nick Brandt: Inherit the Dust
Photographer Nick Brandt, famous for his portraits of Africa’s most majestic and vanishing animals, presents a series of epic panoramic landscapes. In this series of photographs he records the impact of man in East Africa where animals once roamed, but no longer do. In each location, life-sized panels of his own animal portraits are placed within a world of urban development, factories, wasteland, and quarries, and then re-photographed.
551 Broadway, Sonoma

Upstairs Art Gallery
Through August 31, Day Dreams; Paintings by Phyllis Rapp
*** Artist Reception Saturday, August 3, from 5 to 8 p.m.
Rapp’s paintings start with a base of colors, stamps, stencils in abstract application. Phyllis Rapp is a founder of the 22-year-old Upstairs Art Gallery. The Small Works Showcase on the stairway features Coastal Plein Air by Donna Schaffer. These landscapes and seascapes explore the environment where ocean meets the land.
306 Center St., Healdsburg

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