Should Artists Have a Blog on their Website?

There have recently been discussions with a number of people about whether artists should have blogs on their websites. I encourage artists to have a blog on their website, and that they post to it at least once or twice per month.

A blog makes the website more dynamic. It gives readers—be it friends, family, or potential collectors—something new to see, keeping them up-to-date on works in progress, projects, exhibitions, or musings about your process. A really good blog can also inspire comments and conversations among other people.

Hirokos Field, by Suzanne Edminster

Hirokos Field, by Suzanne Edminster

One really good example is a blog by Suzanne Edminster, on her website,, and in particular a recent posting titled Art Critique 101. Take a look and find out for yourself why it’s good. Let me know if you agree.






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6 Responses to Should Artists Have a Blog on their Website?

  1. Deborah Robbins says:

    Hi, Satri—

    It was certainly interesting to read this blog, but I despaired when I compared Suzanne Edminster’s piece with the one by another artist that she said had influenced hers. I couldn’t see the differences she called out. I think artists and non-artists see the world with different eyes.

    These are fun—thanks for sending!



    • Satri Pencak says:

      Hi Deborah,
      Don’t despair, I made the same mistake at first; she is comparing two of her own pieces, though I think they still look VERY similar. My despair is some of my bad wording in the first paragraph of my post that I didn’t catch before I hit ‘publish’. It has now been corrected on my website. Thanks for commenting, keeps things lively.


    • Hi Deborah… I’ve revised the whole thing and made it a lot clearer now, I hope. Thanks for taking such a close look at the work. I have two different paintings in the same series as the one I brought. Heavens, it can get confusing.


  2. Hi Satri,
    Thanks for your recommendation to look at my blog. I just wanted to say that I make mistakes all the time, and have to correct them. I see now that once again I was very unclear, but we can always correct. It is always humbling to stumble publicly. I really enjoy doing a blog. For any artist considering a blog, my opinion is that it won’t really work unless you enjoy it, and it is an authentic expression for you. If you are doing it just because you “should”– well, perhaps you shouldn’t. I have rewritten that blog piece again… check it out to see if it makes more sense


    • Satri Pencak says:

      Suzanne, You made two very good points about doing a blog. One, they are correctable (whew, thank goodness) so you don’t have to have it perfect right off. Two, doing it because you enjoy it; but I hedge on that one a bit, because sometimes people are afraid of putting themselves out there, so don’t do it. Pushing one’s edges is a good thing, but bottom line; like exercise, if it’s not enjoyable. . . try something else.


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